Day 2 is when we recommend clients to come see us. Rest surgery day, rest day 1, & come see us on day 2.
Bruising is completely normal after surgery. Usually subsides within 1-2 weeks.
The Ultrasonic Cavitation machine uses high-frequency sound waves to disrupt the fat cell walls, which causes the fat cells to break down & shrink without harming the skin & internal organs. The lymphatic system plays a big role in this process. The loose fat turns into liquid & processes through the liver by eliminating through out the body by feces, urine, and sweat. The areas that can be treated include: Abdomen and Flanks, Inner Thighs, Upper Thighs(Saddle Bags), Arms, Back, and Buttocks.No eating two hours prior & one hour after treatments.
Results with Ultrasonic Cavitation will vary depending on how long the fat has existed, how dense it is, how hydrated clients are, & how well the lymph is circulating.Clients should notice a difference immediately after the first treatment, with the most prettiest difference observable 3-5 days after treatment.
We offer consultations to discuss what goals clients wants to achieve. We recommend living a healthy lifestyle to see better results just like a client would go for surgical liposuction. The amount of treatment sessions will vary person to person. Amount of sessions can be discuss at an consultation appointment.
No pain, no needles, & no downtime. All treatments are non surgical & noninvasive. May notice Redness in the treated area lasting no more than a few hours & Localized bruising that usually clears within a few days.Clients will hear a buzzing sound to the ears but it’s normal, means results are occurring
No! We recommend women to not receive treatments while pregnant or breastfeeding. We have waivers for all clients to sign stating they are not pregnant or think they may not be pregnant or breastfeeding. However, these treatments are great for post pregnancy.
Clients should be drinking half their body weight in ounces before & after treatments. The necessary to successful results is staying hydrated.We recommend start hydrating 1 day before treatment is scheduled. No alcohol 72 hours before or after treatments. No caffeine 24 hours before treatments. A healthy liver is necessary to eliminate broken down fat.
Yes! Clients should exercise for at least 30 minutes after treatments.Clients should continue a regular exercise regimen & clean dieting for successful results
This is a vacuum therapy where suction cups simultaneously placed on the buttocks is able to shape lift & plumps the buttocks. It will increase volume, reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm and tones the buttocks.
We recommend a Minimum of four treatments, eight-twelve sessions is suggested for best results!Clients will notice results after the first session.
No pain,no needles, & no downtime. It’s an non surgical & noninvasive treatment.Clients may experience discomfort or numbness during treatment but it’s tolerable. May notice Redness in the treated area lasting no more than a few hours & Localized bruising that usually clears within a few days.
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